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The Henry Parkes Foundation

 The Henry Parkes Foundation


The Henry Parkes Foundation is a non-partisan charitable trust set up to carry forward the egalitarian vision of Sir Henry Parkes, the father of Australian federation.

His vision:

To build a just, fair and egalitarian society through a democratically elected government with everyone educated and aware of their right and responsibilities and with equal opportunities to participate.

His life: 1815-1896

A formal announcement of the formation of the Foundation was made by chairman, Professor Brian Fletcher at the annual Henry Parkes Commemorative dinner in the Tenterfield School of Arts in 1997.

Two years later, on 4 June 1999, the Foundation was formally launched at a function in the Legislative Assembly Chamber of NSW Parliament House, hosted by the Deputy Speaker, Mr John Price.

The annual Henry Parkes’ Oration, sponsored by the Foundation, is held alternatively in the School of Arts, Tenterfield and the Museum of Democracy, Canberra.

Speakers have included former Governor of NSW Gordon Samuels (2001),  Dr Neal Blewett (2004), Senator John Faulkner (2005), Dr Helen Irving (2006), Dr Geoff Gallop (2007), Ms Linda Burney (2008) Dr John Bannon (2009) Professor Lyndsay Connors (2010), Professor Philip Laird (2011) and  Professor George Williams (2012).


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