Henry Parkes Oration

The State of Federation

The Henry Parkes Foundation is a charitable trust established in 1998 with the aim of promoting public understanding of Australia's constitutional structures and political systems. The Orations are held each year around the anniversary of Parkes' famous Tenterfield Address in October 1889, which played a key role in setting the Federation movement in motion.

Recent oratory have included Senator John Faulkner (2005), constitutional law expert Dr Helen Irving (2006), former South Australian Premier Dr John Bannon (2009), Associate Professor Lyndsay Connors (2010), Associate Professor Philip Laird (2011) , Professor George Williams (2012), Mr Ted Mack (2013) and The Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (2014)

The 2013 Oration was given by Mr Ted Mack.

Edward Carrington (Ted) Mack was named by the National Trust in 1998 as one of 1100 National Living Treasures. Trained as an architect, he was first elected to North Sydney Council as an independent in 1974, serving for 14 years, including eight as Mayor. He held the state seat of North Sydney from 1981 to 1988, and the federal seat of North Sydney from 1990 to 1996. He was an elected Delegate to the 11998 Constitutional Convention.

As the only person to have been elected, and then re-elected, as an independent to all three tiers of government in Australia, the legendary Ted Mack is uniquely positioned to reflect on the current state of federation, and to suggest directions for reform.

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