A community advocacy, supporting the Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts in Tenterfield. 

Communicating the history, cultures and environment of the complex, telling the story of its fabric and its people. 

The Friends of the Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts, Tenterfield is a community advocacy for the Tenterfield School of Arts with the following objectives:
    • To support the Sir Henry Parkes School of Arts Tenterfield in interpreting history and communicating the history, heritage, cultures and environment of the complex, it’s fabric and its people. 

    • While maintaining the autonomy of the Friends, to work in partnership with the National Trust (NSW) and the School of Arts Management Board and to act as a public advocate for it, promoting awareness of the role of the museum and theatre as a local and national institution. 

    • To work with the National Trust (NSW) and the Management Board in programs of fundraising for the mutual benefit of the complex. 

    • To expand membership of the Friends as a focus based organisation and thereby maximise the role of the Friends in establishing a close relationship between the community and the School of Arts 

    • To provide benefits and advantages for members of the Friends including the arrangement of preferential access to the facilities, programs and services provided by the museum and theatre. 

    • To carry out the above objects in accordance with the spirit of commitment to being ambassadors for the School of Arts and fostering community support.