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Tenterfield School of Arts World War 1 Enlistments

Tenterfield School of Arts World War 1 Enlistments

“As long as Tenterfield is Tenterfield and the Empire is the Empire, the names of these gallant men will never be forgotten”:   Tenterfield Mayor Ald. E.J.Petherick, 1919.

 Shortly after the start of World War 1, the School of Arts committee thought that they would be able to erect an honour roll containing the names of every man who enlisted from Tenterfield town and the surrounding Shire.

But the war continued for so long and men of the district responded so well to the call of the Empire,  that this became out of the question.

As the number of Tenterfield enlistments rose to finally reach above 600, it was eventually decided to place only the names of School of Arts members who had enlisted plus the sons of members.

The greatest number of members that the School of Arts had on its books at any one time over the years were about 400.

The honour board was unveiled by the Member for Tenterfield, the Hon. C.A. Lee in the School of Arts Reading Room in May, 1919. Mr Lee had also been one of the founders of the School of Arts movement in Tenterfield.

Honour board was designed by architect Mr F. J. Madigan, of Glen Innes. He visited Tenterfield on a regular basis. The Board was funded by public subscription totalling 30 pounds in 1916.

“They were not compelled, they volunteered in order to keep Australia free”: Member for Tenterfield the Hon. C.A.Lee, 1919.   

Tenterfield School of Arts

Roll of Honour   1914-1918

Heroes from Tenterfield who answered the call.  *denotes KIA


Aldham J

Aldham E

Anderson A

Ballard D

Baker R

Bentley W

Bentley  E *

Bentley L *

Bartlett J *

Brush R H

Boston Les

Baldey T

Bolton J

Bailey A

Burns F

Bruxner M

Bale H C

Baker P *

Bloch C

Cairns D

Crisp C

Crisp T

Crisp L

Chick G

Curran F  *

Chambers H

Cubis G *

Cummin H

Corney F

Caldwell T W

Clarence E

Donohue C *

Dearden D

Donaldson M

Donnelly C

Dobson J

Dwyer G

Eason J T

Fowler W

Hawkins J

Harrigan M

Hynes H

Harris R

Hoskin C

Hannay P

Hannay H *

Hannay C *

Hingston G

Juergens E

Jeffrey N *

Jeffrey A L *

Johnstone N

Johnstone G

Kingston J

Krahe E

Kneipp N *

Kline F R

Lee C A Jnr *

Lee K

Lohse J *

Lillicrap P

Lewis C

Merrell C

Merrell E

Mitchell J

Mein J

Morton B

McKerihan H *

McQuiggan J

McDonald R C

North R B

Norris H

Ottoway J E

Power T

Pavel W

Penson R H

Reid J M *

Roper N

Reid N

Roper V

Rivers G *

Roos Jas.

Rutter C

Rock W

Smith G P

Sheppard F

Symonds J

Stevenson E

Seabrook C R Stone J *

Stone Robert *

Smith A

Smith C

Stockdale W

Smith P

Spark E

Shanahan M

Treddinnick C

Tooley A

Thomas D

Taylor F C

Vesper R

Waugh W

Waugh A

Whitton W

Waugh Gilbert

Werner G *

Winterton A E *

Woodward O

Wilkie W

Whereat H

Walker L

Weir Gordon

Weir Geo

Wildish R H

Walker R L

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