National Trust


National Trust of Australia (NSW)

The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts in Tenterfield was the first NSW property to be vested in the National Trust of Australia (NSW) in accordance with the Sir Henry Parkes National (War) Memorial Museum and Library Act (No.47) of the NSW Parliament, dated November 23, 1957.

Today the School of Arts remains a National Trust property under long term lease to the Tenterfield Shire Council.

The Australian National Trust movement was formed in Sydney in 1945. It now extends throughout all states and territories, and is Australia’s largest independent conservation movement through advocacy, conservation and educational programmes.

As a community-based charity independent of government and corporate pressures, the Trust is Australia’s strongest voice for the protection of heritage of all kinds.

The Friends of the Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts in Tenterfield is a committee of the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

Tenterfield School of Arts, 1915


To be trusted as a leading independent guardian of Australia’s built, cultural and natural heritage, and defender of our sense of place and belonging in a changing world.